Student Life

EIC’s student life rests on three pillars:

Industry exposure

Our main focus is to enhance the potential and capabilities of our students; this is achieved by integrating the learning outcomes with what the industry demands.

  • Industry projects: Students regularly partake in projects whereby they have to research and be involved in the industry landscape.
  • Career day: Students also get exposure to the industry through our annual career day where they are able firsthand to explore future career possibilities, their leadership capacity and make lasting connections.
  • Guest speakers: Many industry professionals are invited on regular basis to share their experiences. This is an opportunity for the students to develop their network and to link theory to the real world.
Leadership Skills

Through our leadership program students are encouraged to learn academically as well as professionally. The leadership programme

  • Includes workshops, seminars, projects, case studies and field trips to provide the students with the knowledge and skills to be equipped for the real world.
  • Encourages team work to help students learn about their weaknesses and strengths and to adjust to the team dynamics in order to maximize the team performance.
  • Impels the students to be outside their comfort zone in order to test their capabilities and to develop their self-confidence.
Student Committee

The Student Committee is another feature of students’ life here at EIC. They represent students in curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Events include international and domestic trips, sports tournaments, international day and various other activities.
  • Students manage events on campus (organize informative activities, run the college restaurant, publish in an online editorial), participate and volunteer for external events to develop a sense of responsibility, and engage in campus and community life.
  • Students are involved in the College management decision making. Students have monthly meeting with the College Dean and faculty members to share their concerns, propose solutions, and suggest actions.