Our Approach

EIC is proud to have its own culture and sense of identity. It has set a cohesive community where students come to us to learn in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our method of boutique education is an innovative and distinctive approach to instruction. We pride ourselves in providing a customized and a personalized learning process through our small classroom size that allows us to coach our students in reaching their full potential.

Our aim is to equip the students with the knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and sense of professionalism that will prepare them in the real world to be creative, visionaries and leaders in their chosen profession.

Our emphasis at EIC is quality as opposed to quantity and that is evident in our motivation, passion and devotion to our pedagogy and our continued efforts towards the enrichment of our curriculum that upholds international standards.

Our Values:

EIC thrives by the motto learning is lifelong investment. We are dedicated as staff and faculty to inspire our students to discover learning and cultivate their intellect. EIC opens the doors to a wealth of knowledge to support students’ personal and professional future. Our goal is to work together with the students fusing our synergies to secure their place as active participants in the development and prosperity of society.