The European International College (EIC) was established in 2006 as a higher educational institution in the UAE and introduced Hospitality, Business Management; and more recently the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). Providing a global vision, relevance for the local community and market; while demonstrating a passion for learning, is what makes EIC a boutique learning institution.

EIC provides a culture that focuses on the student learning experience and is consistently adapting to student dynamics. The faculty is committed in systemically delivering an efficient and effective model of instruction to provide the most relevant learning needed for intellectual growth and career aspiration.

By developing a friendly, collegial and supportive environment, EIC provides a cooperative and competitive arena for students to explore their life potential. It is through a truly open approach to feedback and discourse, EIC is the facilitator of success for our students.

EIC Core Values


A member of the EIC community is characterized by excellence. Student, faculty and staff perform competently to their fullest potential, thus rewarding the EIC community with notable achievements in all fields of endeavour. The EIC community cultivates a campus environment committed to a distinctive culture of excellence in academics, service and other facets of life.


A member of the EIC community is characterized by integrity. Full development of integrity and morality is among the primary purposes of EIC as a higher educational institution. Thus, EIC steadfastly promotes and adheres to a set of guiding principles and a code of conduct which are integrated into the curriculum, academic, programs and management policies and instilled in all members of the EIC community. It provides a good foundation for responsible conduct of lives.


A member of the EIC community is characterized by creativity. EIC provides a learning environment that encourages creativity and innovation. EIC community builds an organizational culture which influence creativity and innovation. Thus, EIC produces creative professionals contributing to the advancement of organizations, communities and the bigger society.

Organization Chart

EIC Mission and Vision

EIC Mission

EIC mission is to provide excellence in hospitality and business education and to advance in the United Arab Emirates and beyond by promoting innovation and excellence in education, equip our students with the best platform to enhance their leadership and career opportunities in the fields of business and hospitality and sustain an environment of ethical scientific research, innovation and discovery that creates new knowledge and opportunities for economic development and diversification, as well as improved quality of life in the communities we serve.

EIC Vision

To be one of the leading educational institutions in the Gulf Region in training young people to become successful professionals. EIC offers an academic environment designed to give students the knowledge, research environment and training skills necessary to face global professional careers challenges in hospitality and business community.